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Why Work With Us?

Our passion and strong commitment to continuous improvement has enabled us to become China’s leading solution provider in the automotive industry. Our strategic presence, strong global network as well as one-stop integrated solutions provision have made us unique for the customers we serve.

1Strategic Automotive Footprint

As a leader in the Automotive Management Solutions, we are strategically located at 7 locations positioned at major production hubs across China in Asia. This ensures proximity and minimises geographic risk for our customers.

As part of the Armstrong Group, we also have 9 other strategic plants across the rest of Asia serving other Automotive customers, making the Armstrong Group a prominent partner in the Automotive sector.


2Global Network

A key strategic pillar for Armstrong is to develop alliances with countries worldwide to step up our technical competency capabilities. As a fabricator, we are not limited by material options. We have access to a wide network of innovative materials sourced worldwide including USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China and local manufacturers for a broad spectrum of applications. At Armstrong Odenwald, we believe such cross-border, multi-cultural integrated co-development will benefit all our customers.

Europe – Germany

Odenwald-Chemie (est. since 1949)

A leading partner to German Automotive OEMs, with technical competencies in Vacuum Forming, Heat Press Forming & Compression Forming

Philippine (est. since 1947)

Well established Automotive supplier with a wide range of innovative products with technical competencies in EPP Moulding and Reaction Injection Moulding

Europe – Spain

PlusFelt (est. since 2012)

A manufacturer of felts used for acoustic and thermal insulation based on natural and 100% recyclable materials

North America – Canada

KristoFOAM (est. since 1981)

One of North America’s leading supplier of custom foam fabrication products with technical competency in Compression Forming

South Asia – India

Indica (est. since 1986)

A key component supplier to Global Customers in India

East Asia – Japan

Inoac (est. since 1926)

A global supplier to the automotive industry and a world leader in the field of polymer chemistry

3Glocalisation – Global Technology, Local Innovation

With the establishment of Armstrong Odenwald, technology glocalisation in the automotive industry was taken to a new level. The availability of the latest technologies are now being made easily accessible in China without the challenges of importing physical products or the need for our customers to bring over their technology across the continents. As market leader in the China automotive industry, we use state-of-the-art machines to adopt the technologies for the local requirements without compromising the quality.