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Other Innovative Materials

With an extensive global supplier network,  Armstrong (the founding company of Armstrong Odenwald) is well-positioned to have access to pioneering materials and resources that are not yet readily available in the market. This platform creates and maximises value creation for our customers by providing a first-mover advantage in the industry.

Anti-bacterial Foam With UV Activation


This advanced Anti-bacterial technology is activated when exposed to UV light, eliminating bacteria, odours, organic particles, fungus spores, pollen, viruses, harmful substances (NOx), and VOC (formaldehyde).

Ideal to complement filtering applications.

Thermochromic Foam


Has a temperature sensitive compound which can temporarily change colour with the exposure to heat.

Ideal to be used as an temperature indicator.

High Electrically Conductive Foam


Coated with a special composite that makes it electrically conductive.

Ideal for charged rollers in laser printers or applications that requires the discharge of electricity.

High Rebound Foam


Special formulation provides the elastic ability to quickly change direction of motion after hitting an obstacle.

Ideal for any application that requires a “bouncy” effect.

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