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Our 3 Unique Platforms

Transforming the
World of Elastomers

At Armstrong (the founding company of Armstrong Odenwald), our research & development team is at the heart of developing new and enhanced formulations of elastomers for our customers. Our unique material formulation platform provides customisation to give your products that EXTRA EDGE as a solution for your different challenges.



“Stronger, Cooler, Quieter, Lighter, Safer”

Armstrong ARMOURTM is a special formulation for elastomers to have excellent resistance against ozone, heat, water and noise. With our R&D process, the elastomers have a weight reduction of up to 40 percent and has a 100% close cell structure that is mouldable to various profiles when required.


“Infinite Possibilities”

Armstrong AEONTM is an ideal choice for many types of applications. This platform embraces different hybrids of elastomers that could encompass many excellent properties customisable to the application needs of our customers.

Its potential is limitless and its possibilities, infinite.


“Optimal Performance”

Armstrong AMAZONTM is the platform to formulate rubber compounds for optimal performance in your applications. All formulating and mixing is performed in-house and tested to ensure quality, purity and consistency. Whatever your challenge, you can depend on our R&D team to deliver a superior rubber compound for your specific application.

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